Most Beautiful Cricket Stadium in Each of the 12 Countries — Lord’s, Newlands, MCG, Galle,…Which Is Your Favorite?

Most Beautiful Cricket Stadium in Each of the 12 Countries - Lord's, Newlands, MCG, Galle,...Which Is Your Favorite?

There are numerous scenic venues in world cricket, but if you had to choose the most beautiful cricket stadium from each country, what would they be?

Novelist Margaret Wolfe Hungerford penned the famous idiom “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Everyone has their own definition of beauty. How would you define the most beautiful stadium in cricket? Would you choose the one with scenic backgrounds, largest capacity, the environment & fans, or history?

We choose the #1 international stadium from each country and state why we chose it. We will also list the stadiums that narrowly missed out.

And if you were wondering about the largest cricket stadiums in each country, which country has the most stadiums, the oldest venues to have hosted Test cricket, and the list of international stadiums in each country, we got you covered as well.

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The Motivation

Earlier this year, the picturesque Gwadar Stadium in Balochistan (Pakistan) was inaugurated and immediately social media went viral. Playing cricket with white clays of Koh-e-Mehdi Hills in the background is just breathtaking.

JUST IN: The gorgeous Gwadar Stadium in Balochistan will host an exhibition game between @KarachiKingsARY and @TeamQuetta on March 25#PSL2021 | #PSL6 | #HBLPSL6 — 🏏FlashScore Cricket Commentators (@FlashCric) February 22, 2021

At about the same time, England toured Sri Lanka for a Test series. The aerial view surrounding the stadium was magnificent.

This got us thinking — Choose the most beautiful stadium from each country but the catch is — the stadium has to have hosted at least one international match in any format. Without further ado, here is our list. Lots of images head! Make sure to swipe right under each section to get a glimpse of all the stadiums in our shortlist.

*Note: Afghanistan is not considered since it plays its home matches in India. Also, the UAE is considered since international cricket is played there frequently.

List of Most Beautiful Cricket Grounds in the World

1. Melbourne Cricket Groud (MCG), Australia

- Location: Jolimont, Melbourne (Victoria), Australia
- Capacity: 100,000, Year Established: 1853
- Home Teams: Australia, Victoria, Melbourne Stars
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful Stadium in Australia? The second largest stadium by capacity now, the MCG has everything. The ideal place for an Ashes Test, a World Cup Final, or a Women’s T20 World Cup Final, the atmosphere at the MCG is electric. Each clap is heard, the Barmy Army is never too far away, and even the batters have to utilize the 90 meter boundaries by running the twos and threes.
- Australia’s Top 3- Melbourne Cricket Ground
- Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), New South Wales — The iconic green roof & Sydney’s skyline with the Sydney Opera house in the background seals the deal for me.
- The Bradman Oval*, Bowral, New South Wales — Home of Sir Donald Bradman, the ground captures the imagination of any cricket fan. With the Bradman Museum and white fence in the background, what’s not to like? And yes, Bradman’s ashes were sprinkled on the ground as well to add to the history.

*Note, Bradman Oval has hosted a women’s Test (Australia Vs England) along with a few other women’s ODIs. Check out MCG, SCG, and Bradman Oval’s picturesque images below.

Pictured Below (In this order): (1) MCG, (2) SCG, (3) Sydney, (4) Bradman Oval, (5) Sir Donald Bradman

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2. Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Bangladesh

- Location: Sylhet, Bangladesh
- Capacity: 13,533, Year Established: 2007
- Home Teams: Sylhet Division Cricket Team, Sylhet Sixers, Bangladesh
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in Bangladesh: Lush forests in the background to go along with the contrasting red roof — lovely scenery.
- Bangladesh’s Top 3:- Sylhet International Cricket Stadium
- Sher-e-Bangla Stadium (Mirpur), Dhaka
- Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium, Khulna

Pictured Below: Sylhet

3. Lord’s Cricket Ground, England

- Location: London, England
- Capacity: 30,000, Year Established: 1814
- Home Teams: Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), Middlesex, England
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in England: Home of cricket, the iconic Lord’s pavilion, the balcony, the honors board, J.P. Morgan Media Centre, and the long room. Historic. Aesthetic.
- England’s Top 3:- Lord’s
- Old Trafford (Manchester) — The shining red pavilion gives Old Trafford its unique look.
- Riverside Ground (Chester-le-Street, Durham): Nothing better than a castle in the background.
- Consolation: The Oval (Kennington, London) New Road (Worcester), County Ground (Taunton)

Pictured Below (In this order): (1) Lord’s stadium, (2) Lord’s balcony, (3) The Long Room, (4) Old Trafford, (5) Riverside Ground

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Five pictures for England’s grounds was just not enough, so here are some more. Churches and castles put a unique touch in England.

Pictured Below (In this order): (1) New Road, (2) Taunton, (3) The Oval

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4. Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, India

- Location: Dharamsala, India
- Capacity: 23,000, Year Established: 2003
- Home Teams: Himachal Pradesh Cricket Team, Kings XI Punjab, India
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in India: Backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayan range, it is a wonderful attraction all around. Home to the Dalai Lama, it also has a spiritual overtone to it.
- India’s Top 3:- Dharamsala
- Eden Gardens (Kolkata) — One of the most animated sporting crowds in the world. The place of the 2001 Test against Australia feat VVS Laxman’s magical 281 and Brathwaite’s carnage in the 2016 T20 World Cup final. Also the venue of the infamous 1996 World Cup semi-final, where the match was abandoned due to the enraged spectators.
- Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai) — Another one due to the atmosphere. After India’s 2011 World Cup victory, it was an ideal place to party. Just listen to this when Dhoni finished it off in style.
- Consolation: Narendra Modi Stadium (Ahmedabad), Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium — Dehradun (host for Afghanistan team)

Pictured Below (In this order): (1) Dharamsala, (2) Dehradun, (3) Wankhede, (4) Eden Gardens, (5) Ahmedabad

5. Malahide Cricket Club Ground (The Village), Ireland

- Location: Malahide, Ireland
- Capacity: 11,500, Year Established: 1861
- Home Teams: Ireland Cricket Team
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in Ireland: Hosted Ireland’s only Test at home (along with a few ODIs, and women’s fixtures). The venue gives away a calm aura with trees right behind the sight-screen.
- Ireland’s Top 3- Malahide
- Bready Cricket Club (Bready)
- Civil Service Cricket Club (Belfast)

Pictured Below: Malahide

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6. Bay Oval, New Zealand

- Location: Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand
- Capacity: 10,000, Year Established: 2007
- Home Teams: Northern Districts, New Zealand
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in New Zealand: New Zealand is the ideal place to watch cricket. You can choose any stadium here, and it will be scenic. Add to that the grass banks and the casual, party-mood culture, and you have a perfect atmosphere for cricket. Mount Maunganui’s aerial view makes it my #1 in New Zealand — The hill, beaches, and a sandbar connecting the mainland to the island.
- New Zealand’s Top 3: — Bay Oval
- Queenstown Events Centre (Queenstown, Otago) — Queenstown is a resort town, known for its tourism. And why not? The mountain range overseeing the cricket ground is literally called The Remarkables. Lake Wakatipu nearby as well.
- Basin Reserve (Wellington)
- Consolation: Pukekura Park (New Plymouth, Taranaki), Eden Park (Auckland), Saxton Oval (Nelson), University Oval (Dunedin)

Pictured Below (In this Order): (1) Bay Oval, (2) Mount Maunganui, (3) Tauranga Aerial View, (4) Queenstown, (5) The Basin Reserve

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Pictured Below (In this Order): (1) Pukekura Park, (2) spectators’ seating at Pukekura, (3) Eden Park, (4) Saxton Oval, (5) University Oval

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7. Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Pakistan

- Location: Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
- Capacity: 15,000, Year Established: 1992
- Home Teams: Northern Cricket Team, Islamabad United, Pakistan
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in Pakistan: An aerial view of ‘Pindi’, as it is usually known, will give you a glimpse of the mountain resort town of Murree along with historic neighborhoods and mosques.
- Pakistan’s Top 3- Rawalpindi
- Bugti Stadium (Quetta)
- Gaddafi Stadium (Lahore)

*Bugti Stadium hosted an ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe in 1996.

Now here is where we diverge a little bit. Apart from Gwadar stadium (at the top of the article), we have also included a couple of pictures of stadiums that have not hosted an international fixture but are just too good to ignore — namely Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium and Chitral Cricket Ground.

Pictured Below (In this Order): (1) Muzaffarabad, (2) Quetta, (3) Rawalpindi, (4) Chitral, (5) Lahore

8. Galle International Stadium, Sri Lanka

- Location: Galle, Sri Lanka
- Capacity: 35,000, Year Established: 1876
- Home Teams: Galle Cricket Club, Sri Lanka
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in Sri Lanka: Galle’s harbor, Indian Ocean, and the Galle Fort to watch cricket from. The England-Sri Lanka series was basically just 3 parts: Joe Root, Lasith Embuldeniya, and multiple aerial views of Galle.
- Top 3 in England:- Galle
- Dambulla
- Kandy
- Consolation: Welagedara Stadium (Kurunegala)

*Welagedara Stadium has hosted a couple of women ODIs

Pictured Below (In this Order): (1) Galle by the ocean, (2) Dambulla, (3) Kandy, (4) Kurunegala, (5) spectators from Galle’s hill/fort, (6) English super fan Rob Lewis from Galle stadium who had stayed in Sri Lanka for 10 months after the England-Sri Lanka tour was delayed due to COVID.

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9. Newlands Cricket Ground, South Africa

- Location: Cape Town, South Africa
- Capacity: 25,000, Year Established: 1888
- Home Teams: Western Province, Cape Town Blitz, South Africa
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in South Africa:
- South Africa’s Top 3:- Newlands
- Boland Park (Paarl)
- New Wanderers Stadium (Johannesburg) — AB De Villiers. Pink ODI. 149 (44). The atmosphere. Enough said.

*Also pictured — Ellis Park — hosted Tests between 1948 and 1954, but now only used mainly for Rugby and soccer (2010 FIFA World Cup). Red roof and about 65,000 capacity, it is a South African special.

Pictured Below (In this Order): (1) Newlands, (2) Boland Park, (3) Paarl landscape, (4) Wanderers, (5) Ellis Park

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10. Daren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, West Indies

- Location: Gros Islet, St. Lucia
- Capacity: 12,400, Year Established: 2002
- Home Teams: Windward Islands, St. Lucia Zouks
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in West Indies: Most places in the Caribbean are amazing by default — beaches, hills, and the weather. St. Lucia’s ambience and the effervescent Daren Sammy cheering at almost every game just edges out Arnos Vale and Queen’s Park.
- West Indies’ Top 3:- Daren Sammy (formerly Beausejour Cricket Ground)
- Arnos Vale Stadium (St. Vincent)
- Queen’s Park Oval (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago)
- Windsor Park (Dominica)

Pictured Below (In this Order): (1) Windsor Park, (2) Queen’s Park, (3) Arnos Vale, (4) Daren Sammy

11. Sheikh Zayed Stadium, U.A.E.

- Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
- Capacity: 20,000, Year Established: 2004
- Home Teams: UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, PSL/IPL Teams
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in UAE : The roof and the lighting are spectacular in day-night matches.
- UAE’s Top 3:- Sheikh Zayed Stadium (Abu Dhabi)
- Dubai International Stadium (Dubai)
- Sharjah Cricket Ground (Sharjah)

Pictured Below (In this Order): (1) Abu Dhabi, (2) Dubai, (3) Sachin Tendulkar & Shane Warne after ‘Desert Storm’ in Sharjah

Embed from Getty Images

12. Harare Sports Club, Zimbabwe

- Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
- Capacity: 10,000, Year Established: 1900
- Home Teams: Mashonaland, Mashonaland Eagles Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
- Why Is it the Most Beautiful in Zimbabwe: The purple flowers right behind the trees at the edge of the boundary wins it for me.
- Zimbabwe’s Top 2:- Harare Sports Club (Harare)
- Queens Sports Club (Bulawayo)

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Which Country Has the Best Cricket Stadiums?

New Zealand probably has the best cricket stadiums. Seven of their international stadiums can vouch to be in the most beautiful category.

Bay Oval (Mount Maunganui), Queenstown, Basin Reserve (Wellington), Pukekura Park (New Plymouth), Eden Park (Auckland). Saxton Oval (Nelson), and University Oval (Dunedin).

Sri Lanka and West Indies are not too far behind in terms of scenic views. Australia (MCG/SCG) and India (Eden Gardens/ Wankhede) have the most grand and fan-fueled stadiums, while England have the most historic and mellow cricket grounds.

Which is the World’s Largest Cricket Stadium?

It will come to nobody’s surprise that the top 10 largest cricket grounds are located in either India or Australia due to their rich cricket culture and funding, but what about the largest cricket stadium in each country?

Let us broaden our horizons and learn about cricket grounds in the world, including Associate nations.

- Narendra Modi Stadium (132,000) — Ahmedabad, India
- Melbourne Cricket Ground (100,000) — Melbourne, Australia
- Eden Park (41,000) — Auckland, New Zealand
- R. Premadasa Stadium (35,000) — Colombo, Sri Lanka
- National Stadium (34,000) — Karachi, Pakistan
- Lord’s (30,000) — London, England
- Wanderers Stadium (28,000) — Johannesburg, South Africa
- Kensington Oval (28,000) — Barbados, Bridgetown
- Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium (25,000) — Dhaka, Bangladesh
- Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground (20,000) — Kirtipur, Nepal
- Central Broward Park (20,000) — Ft. Lauderhill, United States
- Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium (20,000) — Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
- Sophia Gardens (15,000) — Cardiff, Wales (U.K.)
- Guanggong International Cricket Stadium (12,000) — Guangzhou, China
- Malahide Cricket Club Ground (11,500) — Dublin, Ireland
- Harare Sports Club (10,000) — Harare, Zimbabwe
- Gymkhana Club Ground (7,000) — Nairobi, Kenya
- Maple Leaf Cricket Club (7,000) — King City, Canada
- The Grange Club (5,000) — Edinburgh, Scotland

Here are the top 10 largest cricket stadiums by size:

- Narendra Modi Stadium (132,000) — Ahmedabad, India
- Melbourne Cricket Ground (100,000) — Melbourne, Australia
- Eden Gardens (80,000) — Kolkata, India
- Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium (65,000) — Raipur, India
- Perth Optus Stadium (60,000) — Perth, Australia
- Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium (55,000) — Hyderabad, India
- Greenfield International Stadium (55,000) — Thiruvananthapuram, India
- Adelaide Oval (54,000) — Adelaide, Australia
- M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, JSCA International Cricket Stadium, Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium (50,000) — Chennai/Ranchi/Lucknow, India
- Docklands Stadium, Sydney Cricket Ground (48,000) — Melbourne/Sydney, Australia

Which Country Has the Most Stadiums?

Here are the number of international cricket stadiums by Test playing country:

- India (53)
- Australia (22)
- England (21)
- Pakistan (18)
- South Africa, West Indies (16)
- New Zealand (14)
- Sri Lanka (10)
- Bangladesh (8)
- United Arab Emirates (6)
- Zimbabwe (5)

Here is a list of all international stadiums by country.

*Note, we only consider countries with Test status

List of International Stadiums By Country


- Adelaide: Adelaide Oval
- Albury: Lavington Sports Oval
- Ballarat: Eastern Oval
- Berri: Berri Oval
- Brisbane: Exhibition Ground, Brisbane Cricket Ground (Woolloongabba)
- Cairns: Cazaly’s Stadium
- Canberra: Manuka Oval
- Darwin: TIO Stadium
- Devonport: Devonport Oval
- Hobart: Tasmania Cricket Ground, Bellerive Oval
- Launceston: North Tasmania Cricket Association Ground
- Mackay: Harrup Park
- Melbourne: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Docklands Stadium
- Perth: WACA Ground, Perth Stadium
- South Geelong: Simonds Stadium (Victoria)
- Sydney: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Stadium Australia
- Townsville: Tony Ireland


- Bogra: Shaheed Chandu Stadium
- Chattogram: Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, MA Aziz Stadium
- Dhaka: Bangabandhu National Stadium, Shere Bangla National Stadium (Mirpur)
- Fatullah: Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium
- Khulna: Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium
- Sylhet: Sylhet International Cricket Ground


- Birmingham: Edgbaston
- Bristol: County Ground
- Canterbury: St. Lawrence Ground
- Cardiff: Sophia Gardens
- Chester-le Street: Riverside Ground
- Chelmsford: County Ground
- Derby: County Ground
- Hove: County Ground
- Leeds: Headingley
- Leicester: Grace Road
- London: Lord’s, Kennington Oval
- Manchester: Old Trafford
- Northampton: County Ground
- Nottingham: Trent Bridge,
- Scarborough: North Marine Road Ground
- Sheffield: Bramall Lane
- Southampton: The Rose Bowl, County Ground
- Swansea: St. Helen’s
- Taunton: The Cooper Associates County Ground
- Tunbridge Wells: Nevill Ground
- Worcester: County Ground (New Road)


- Ahmedabad: Sardar Vallabhai Patel Stadium, Narendra Modi Stadium (Motera)
- Amritsar: Gandhi Sports Complex Ground
- Bengaluru: M. Chinnaswamy Stadium
- Chandigarh: Sector 16 Stadium
- Chennai: MA Chidambaram Stadium (Chepauk)
- Cuttack: Barabati Stadium
- Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Arun Jaitley Stadium (formerly Feroz Shah Kotla)
- Dehradun: Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
- Dharamsala: Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium
- Faridabad: Nahar Singh Stadium
- Greater Noida: Greater Noida Sports Complex Ground
- Guwahati: Nehru Stadium, Barsapara Cricket Stadium
- Gwalior: Captain Roop Singh Stadium
- Hyderabad: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium (Uppal), Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium
- Indore: Nehru Stadium, Holkar Cricket Stadium
- Jaipur: Sawai Mansingh Stadium
- Jalandhar: Gandhi Stadium
- Jammu: Maulana Azad Stadium
- Jamshedpur: Keenan Stadium
- Jodhpur: Barkatullah Khan Stadium (Pal Road)
- Kanpur: Green Park
- Kochi: Nehru Stadium
- Kolkata: Eden Gardens
- Lucknow: University Ground, K.D. Singh ‘Babu’ Stadium, Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium
- Margao: Nehru Stadium (Fatorda)
- Mohali: Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium (Chandigarh)
- Mumbai: Wankhede Stadium, Gymkhana Stadium, Dr. DY Patil Sports Academy, Brabourne Stadium
- Nagpur: Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium (Jamtha), Vidarbha C.A. Ground
- Patna: Moin-ul-Haq Stadium
- Pune: Nehru Stadium, Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium
- Ranchi: JSCA International Stadium Complex
- Rajkot: Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Madavrao Scindia Cricket Ground
- Srinagar: Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium
- Trivandrum: University Stadium, Greenfield International Stadium
- Vadodara: Reliance Stadium, Moti Bagh Stadium
- Vijaywada: Indira Gandhi Stadium
- Visakhapatnam: Indira Priyadarshini Stadium, Dr. Y.S.

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